August 20, 2014

Welcome back! It’s been exactly three months since my blog has been down for renovation and it looks brilliant, except! Everyone who knows me, know I really hate yellow. I know its a happy colour and everything but you just can’t escape it. So why did we redesign my blog yellow? I really want to argue and say it’s not really yellow its a pale beige, with a hint of yellow, but thats the graphic designer specking and lying to herself! I did it anyway to get me use to using yellow and seeing how I can match it up. Firstly I went from hating gold and I won that battle woo, now let the yellow battle begin.

But anyway hi from and the Co.  Above is a little selection of typography pieces to celebrate the welcome and new design woo! Also one of our favourite quotes that we decided on after arguing and pulling straws.


August 11, 2014


In two days time this blog will be finished and full live. I can’t wait to start sharing my creativeness again, as I’m sure most of you know my blog was transferred to Tumblr when it went down for a redesign back in May. It’s been fun uploading to tumblr however I’ve really missed having my own way of doing things again. Thanks with the Help of Natalie from ‘Blogzilla’ me and her have managed to get me all back up again. Can’t wait for two day time! Here’s an image to keep you all visual, I know I’ve been lacking!

Photos by Emily Goater